The mind is not the proper instrument for taking the sting out of death.
It is the heart.


Grief and loss are unavoidable parts of our existence. We know this, and yet in those moments when we must face them we are deeply shaken. Our knowledge does not shield us from the experience. The experience of receiving a life-threatening diagnosis or of losing a loved one is still infinitely painful.

As much as we would like to simply shake off this deep pain, it just will not let go of us. We cannot maintain the illusion that these painful sensations are not a part of us. They are a part of our lives–yours and mine.

As a grief and end of life counselor,  I feel called to help you find a way to comprehend this pain, to integrate it and to come to view it as a valuable experience.

“Learn to die and you will learn to live,” Sogyal Rinpoche tells us. Death cannot be avoided–it is our greatest teacher.

Compassion, mindfulness and meditation have become the guardrail of my life. It is my great concern to bring compassion, mindfulness and meditation into the world. You can find more information about this here:
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