DI(FH) Christine Brandl, B.Ed.

Grief and loss are also a part of my story and have subsequently become a part of my profession. Unfortunately, in our current culture, both of these aspects of life are considered taboo. They require space and recognition, however, to be properly integrated into our lives.

The best teacher is life itself, and my own life has provided me with many experiences from which I have gleaned and developed wisdom. I studied precision-, systems- and information-engineering and held various positions in the private business sector. Since 2006 I have been an instructor in a vocational school. I regard meditation as an important resource for students and educators alike.

In the course of my life I have discovered that meditation is a potent internal source of strength, and I have been able to gain insight through various other meditation practices. As a Zen tutor in the Rinzai tradition, I allow my knowledge to flow into my work. The daily practice of looking within offers profound access to inner wisdom.